World IBD Day May 19th

World IBD Day May 19


Canadians living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) often suffer a loss of freedom as they need to have urgent access to a bathroom, sometimes more than 20 times per day and unfortunately, are often turned away from bathrooms in retail stores, restaurants, and other convenient locations, leaving them with nowhere to go. This lack of access can confine patients to their homes, affecting their work, study, travel and social activities.
We are holding a NATIONAL BATHROOM LOCKOUT to give the general population a glimpse into living with IBD, and not always having access to a bathroom when you need it most.

We will be hanging posters that read ‘ACCESS DENIED?’ on bathroom stalls in publicly accessible bathrooms across Canada for the month of May.

Although, we will not be restricting access to these bathrooms, we aim to share one reality of living with IBD by igniting a second of panic when bathroom visitors think they do not have a bathroom to use.
We hope this encourages Canadians to support IBD patients’ need for bathroom access.
IBD affects more than 233,000 Canadians**.

IBD is a chronic, lifelong disease with no known cause or cure.
Canada has among the highest reported prevalence (number of people) and incidence (number of new cases per year) of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (the two most common forms of IBD) in the world.
Sadly, the incidence of IBD is also rising significantly in children under 10.

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