Work Out What Matters Most Your Mind

Only 20 minutes so far? I can’t keep sitting on this bike. It hurts. I’ll just leave class and use the restroom. I don’t need to go to the bathroom, but it will give my rear end a break. What if everyone stares at me? Oh no, now my toes are going numb!
These thoughts flew through my head during my second spin class a few weeks ago.

Recently, our Fit Nation have picked up in . I have tried new activities and pushed myself beyond my physical comfort zone.

When this journey began, I envisioned the biggest obstacle to my success would be physical. But after seven weeks of training, I have become acutely aware of the body part that needs the most conditioning. And much to my surprise, it’s not my abs, or quads. It’s my mind.

Work out what matters most: Your mind

At times, it’s remembering the two years I spent in nearly constant pain as I battled . Compared with that, the aches and weariness of triathlon training pale. More often, I like to visualize my eventual triathlon success. I envision

Your Mind

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