Viruses May Play Role in Crohns Disease Colitis

Viruses May Play Role in Crohn’s Disease Colitis, More research is needed to define what role they play, researcher says.

Viruses may play a role in inflammatory bowel diseases, including the two most common types, Crohn’s disease and , a new study reveals.

Previous research has linked these bowel diseases with a lower variety of , according to the researchers.

In this new study, people with had a greater variety of viruses in their digestive systems compared to healthy people, the investigators found.

The findings suggest that viruses, as well as bacteria, are a factor in inflammatory bowel disease, according to the study published online Jan. 22 in the journal Cell.

The findings are the “tip of the iceberg,” said study senior author Dr. Herbert Virgin IV, a professor of pathology and head of the department of pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Much more research is needed to learn more about these gut viruses — many of which are new — and how they interact with the gut and gut bacteria, Virgin said in a university news release.

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