Uncovering Ostomy with about me

Uncovering Ostomy with about.me

Uncovering Ostomy with about.me | About.me Blog


Guest writer Jessica Grossman is the founder of Uncover Ostomy, an online campaign focused on raising awareness towards the ostomy and defeating the negative stigma surrounding the surgery.

Since 2009, Jessica Grossman and the Uncover Ostomy team have sparked a positive conversation about the ostomy through engaging content and open conversation via social media. Uncover Ostomy’s multiple online platforms connect ostomates around the world, allowing them to share war stories, advice, photographs and more.

An Ostomy Valentine’s Day – Awestomy!


Valentine’s day is an important part of our culture. Although we here at Awestomy feel that love should be expressed all year long, we wanted to have some fun.

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