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Vancouver, British Columbia Best Intestinal Disease Advocate

Vancouver, British Columbia Best Intestinal Disease Advocate

Rob Hill was recognized as the Best Intestinal Disease Education Awareness Advocate by industry peers in large part due to the work Rob has generated for, Parents, Teenangers, and kids living with an Intestinal Disease

Rob Hills Story

Rob Hills Story

Rob Hills Story In 1994, Rob was a fit, healthy 23-year-old, an amateur runner and athlete. Until that time, he had never really been sick. He didn’t even have a regular doctor. When the illness started, it progressed rapidly. Daily diarrhea. Sustained stomach cramps. The diagnosis was Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory condition of the digestive […]

Tips for student dealing with Crohns disease

Tips for student dealing with Crohns disease., SEATTLE — Heading back to school can stir up anxiety in any child, especially those dealing with a health issue. For children with inflammatory bowel disease, stepping foot in a classroom can be downright terrifying. “They’re afraid the things they fear the most will happen at school,” said […]

Crohn’s Disease Linked To Enterovirus

Crohn’s Disease Linked To Enterovirus., Researchers have discovered that a cohort of children with Crohn’s disease also have a virus in their intestines, known as enterovirus. This is the first time that a link has been discovered between the inflammatory bowel disease and enteroviruses, which are a genus of positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses. The finding […]

Crohns Disease Diet and Nutrition

Crohns Disease Diet and Nutrition, PHOENIX More than a million people in the United States suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. And while we don’t know what causes them, we do know that genetic and environmental components are at the root of these autoimmune diseases. Crohn’s disease can affect the […]

Vitamins You May Need if You Have Crohn’s

Crohn’s disease, damage to the digestive tract, and sometimes the surgery and medication used to treat it, can make it hard for the body to absorb nutrients. The good news is that many people with Crohn’s disease can get what they need from their diet and a daily multivitamin, says Arthur DeCross MD, associate professor […]

Crohn’s Disease a daily battle for Elora girl

Waterloo RecordCrohn's disease a daily battle for Elora girlWaterloo RecordTesting discovered Kaylyn had Crohn's disease, a chronic condition of the digestive tract that along with ulcerative colitis is known as inflammatory bowel disease. Comm…

Avaxia cleared to start human trials of oral antibody for Crohns Disease

Avaxia cleared to start human trials of oral antibody for Crohn's disease …MedCity NewsA 7-year-old pharmaceutical company that's developed a new way to create and deliver an old kind of drug is making the critical transition to the clinical …

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