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West Hartford couple stride fundraising for Crohn’s and Colitis

West Hartford couple hits stride fundraising for Crohn's and Colitis …West Hartford NewsWest Hartford residents Katie and Mike Dolgert recently completed the race of their lives while helping 1.4 million Americans tackle their own race – battli…

More than 200 Genes Identified for Crohns Disease

More than 200 genes identified for Crohn's DiseaseMedical XpressCrohn's Disease, a type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, is a chronic illness of complex origins affecting approximately 100 to 150 people per 100,000. Understanding the genetic comp…

Jennifer Jaff, Advocate for the Ill Dies at 55

Jennifer Jaff, Advocate for the Ill, Dies at 55New York TimesJennifer Jaff led Advocacy for Patients With Chronic Illness. The cause was complications of Crohn's disease, an incurable gastrointestinal disorder that she was found to have when she wa…

Nikki Riddle: I Am a Pre-Existing Condition

Nikki Riddle: I Am a Pre-Existing Condition When I was a student in the 9th grade I missed the two greatest excursions of the year as a consequence of Crohn’s disease, my “pre-existing condition.” My chemistry and biology teacher required that our class to visit and understand the Body Worlds display in Colorado while it […]

Crohn’s and Depression

Crohn’s and Depression

Crohn’s and Depression: If it isn’t one end it’s the other June 15, 2012 — Receiving a diagnosis of any illness can knock the wind out of us. It takes a while to breath normally again. We may experience symptoms of depression while we adjust to the chronic diagnosis and learn to manage it. After […]


Chronic illness requires patients to not only deal with the physical challenges of their disease, but to battle the emotional challenges as well. Depression can be a common experience when the symptoms of intestinal disease flare up. These websites are a great resource for everyone; however, if you are experiencing depression, please be encouraged to […]

Ontario Drug Benefit

Ontario Drug Benefit Eligibility for ODB The ODB provides some coverage for the following groups: people age 65 and up residents of long-term care facilities or Homes for Special Care people receiving professional services in the Home Care program Trillium Drug Program recipients social assistance recipients (Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program) Coverage by […]


Eligibility An eligible resident of Alberta is a person who is legally entitled to be or to remain in Canada, makes his/her permanent home in Alberta and is committed to being physically present in Alberta for at least 183 days in a 12 month period. Rates  To access AHCIP benefits, you must pay a monthly […]

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