Spaghetti Benefit Dinner for Comstock boy Crohn’s disease

Spaghetti Benefit Dinner for Comstock boy Crohn’s disease

, MI—The first sign of trouble was a stomach ache.

Bambi Edick thought that her son, a seventh-grader at , just had a “case of the Mondays” and was trying to get out of going to school.

She was wrong.

After spending a month at ’s , 13-year-old Blaike Hammonds has been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a lifetime of the . He was sent to , by ambulance, to determine treatment options on Wednesday.

After Blaike’s initial worsened and he began to throw up, Edick brought him to the hospital, where doctors ran through a series of possibilities: appendicitis, bacterial infection, flu. Doctors first said that Blaike was suffering from duodenitis, an inflammation of the duodenum, the first portion of the , due to a virus.

They, too, were wrong.

“For the past three weeks, they just kept saying that it was a virus causing this and that it would just take some time to heal,” Edick said. “But we were there every day with him and we could see that it wasn’t getting better and that it wasn’t a virus.”

In addition to the stomach pains, Blaike had — at his lowest point — lost seven pounds, a significant amount of weight for a boy in the 30th percentile for his age’s weight and height, according to Edick. He is currently three pounds below his normal weight.

In order to diagnose Blaike, doctors performed numerous tests. According to , mother of Blaike’s stepsister, he has had two , two endoscopies with biopsy, two ultrasounds and a CT scan. He is currently getting his nutrition through a peripherally inserted central catheter through his veins, since he can’t eat without pain.

Although the PICC line has given Blaike nutrition, Edick said that doctors were only treating the symptoms to keep him as comfortable as possible. On Oct. 19, Blaike swallowed a pill with a camera that would show portions of the intestines that aren’t visible with an endoscopy, which confirmed that Blaike does indeed have Crohn’s disease.

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Spaghetti benefit dinner to be held for Comstock boy diagnosed with Crohn’s
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Courtesy PhotoBlaike Hammonds, 13, has been in the hospital for over a month and was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. During his stay at Bronson Children’s Hospital, Blaike had a visit from Zeus, the world’s tallest dog. A spaghetti benefit dinner

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