Scientists Find Key to Growth of Bad Bacteria in IBD

Scientists have long puzzled over why “bad” bacteria such as E. coli can thrive in the guts of those with (IBD), causing serious diarrhea. Now UC Davis researchers have discovered the answer one that may be the first step toward finding new and better treatments for IBD.

The researchers discovered a by which harmful bacteria grow, edge out beneficial bacteria and damage the gut in IBD. This new understanding, published in the Feb. 8 issue of Science, may help researchers develop new treatments for IBD with fewer side effects than current therapies.

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Scientists Find Key to Growth of 'Bad' Bacteria in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Science Daily (press release)
It's estimated that IBD, which includes and Crohn's disease, affects 1.4 million people in the U.S., according to the and Prevention. In test-tube and animal studies, the researchers found that potentially

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