Robert Hill's Living with Crohn's Story

Robert Hills Living with Crohns Story from Diagnosis to Summit

Facing Everest

In 2008, Robert Hill attempted to summit to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease. But trouble struck early in the climb, jeopardizing Robert’s dream of becoming the first person with an ostomy to scale the world’s highest mountain.

Living with Crohn's

Living with Crohn’s

Bad Memories

Robert was flown back to his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, to be treated by his own medical team. His doctor determined that Robert had suffered an obstructed bowel. The pains on Everest brought back terrible memories of his Crohn’s diagnosis at age 23.

The Body Attacks Itself

Robert dwindled from a robust 185 pounds to a skeletal 105. At his weakest, the once avid climber, who had been taught as a boy to scale rocks by his father, could barely make it up stairs. It had become an exhausting process: Hold on to the handrail. Step up. Lift up the other leg. Rest. His muscle mass gone, every step was painful.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the digestive tract. The body essentially attacks itself, triggering intense inflammation that wears away digestive organs, particularly the intestine. The cause is still a mystery, although research suggests that genetic and environmental factors play a role. Roughly 700,000 Americans live with Crohn’s disease. There is no known cure.

Experience Robert Hill’s Amazing Story Living with Crohn’s from Diagnosis to Summit

We Need Ideas
Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society raises awareness of intestinal diseases, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis,

Robert Hill Amazing Story Living with Crohns


About Robert Hill

I founded IDEAS Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society, from my home base in Vancouver, British Columbia. Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society IDEAS is established to raise public awareness of intestinal diseases in order to help remove the stigmas associated with these illnesses. The programs of IDEAS help children, youth and young adults learn to live full lives, find acceptance and gain confidence.

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