Rob Hill Ideal Techniques for Changing His Convatec Ostomy Pouch

Convatec Ostomy Pouch

Ideal Techniques for Changing His Pouch

Ostomy patients should maintained their thoroughly clean and should be frequently changed and purged. Furthermore, effective products ought to be utilized and to steer clear of , for example a trustworthy opaque Convatec ostomy pouches along with other .

Learning the techniques to be able to correctly change your pouch and other products are reasonably necessary.

Changing my takes me about 10-15 minutes and is generally easy to do.

Convatec Ostomy Pouch
Convatec Ostomy Pouch

Here’s how:

1. Just before coming in contact with any of my ostomy accessories a it is crucial step I thoroughly clean my hands.

2. Prepare all the stuff required when changing as well as put them at the reach of my fingertips. Have these things prepared: adhesive remover, wafer, skin protector, , pencil, stomahesive paste, plastic bags, clean towel, wash cloth, scissors, and a new pouch.

3. I start by emptying my pouch.

4. Wipe the tape that is all around the existing ostomy wafer using the adhesive remover as needed. Making use of my other hand to hold on to my skin tightly while carefully pulling the wafer off with my other hand.

5. Place all of the pouches, wafer, and other waste products not including the clip into a disposable plastic material bag. Make use of an ez-zip seal off that is constructed of low density polyethylene plastic to permit speedy disposition of my used ostomy waste material with one hand. Furthermore, I make use of a light absorbing film plastic materials that can give you a 100% invisibility of content material making certain thoroughly clean visual appeal.

6. I get started by cleaning my skin and stoma using a washcloth making use of tepid to warm water. In order to avoid chaos, I accomplish this inside the shower, personal note: never use scented soaps since this will leave films. Undertaking the cleansing inside bathroom will reduce the work required given that any waste which will come out of the stoma can be washed immediately down the drain. If I don’t have access to a hot shower to properly clean the skin around my stoma. Thankfully, ConvaTec has an awesome product that I use on all my mountain trips. It’s called Aloe Vesta® Wipes and it’s a waterless, . I simply take off my pouch, clean the skin around my stoma using the Aloe Vesta® wipe, dry my skin, then put on a new pouch.

7. Continue by patting my skin dry and measure the stoma initially using the measuring guide leaving no more than 1/8″ to 1/16″ between your measuring guide and the stoma.

8. Trace the precise size to the rear of the wafer using the starter hole on the center then cut out this hole.

9. I apply skin protector in the location where the wafer is going to be placed.

10. I get rid of the paper from the wafer and utilize stomahesive paste around the circle. I moist my fingers with water to smoothen the paste.

11. I get rid of the paper in the back of the tape and set the item on the stoma. I make certain that the stoma is in the middle of the opening. I press tightly it into the skin and smoothen.

12. I place my new Convatec Ostomy Pouch into the wafer.

13. Pressing gently for a few seconds to make sure that a I have a good seal before closing the bottom of the ostomy pouch with the clip and presto, I’m done.

When you are performing the changing of your pouch, don’t forget to stand over an old towel or paper towels to capture waste materials from the stoma, if you’re not in the shower room. Also, steer clear of eating late at night ahead of planned change to ensure that stoma output is going to be minimized. It is perfectly normal to discover a little bit of bleeding, having said that, report any abnormal color, size, shape, or blood loss to the ET nurse.

To make certain in an overall performance in changing my pouch I use only reliable opaque Convatec ostomy pouches and also other Convatec ostomy medical items. Buy your ostomy supplies necessary from good online companies that are committed in delivering only top quality and still low priced.

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