One Dollar, One Meter Kilimanjaro Campaign

In September 2009, a group of adventurous supporters of IDEAS and two chapters of the Crohn’s and of Canada, went to Tanzania, Africa to climb , the on the and one of the famed Seven Summits. Click here to see the IBDAdventures website.

Led by Robert Hill, of the No Guts Know Glory campaign, these adventure seeking climbed to 5,892 metres above sea-level. All participants paid their own way for this once-in-a-. The raised $30,110.98. Fund raising proceeds were split equally between IDEAS and CCFC.

You can read their blog here:

About Robert Hill

I founded IDEAS Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society, from my home base in Vancouver, British Columbia. Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society IDEAS is established to raise public awareness of intestinal diseases in order to help remove the stigmas associated with these illnesses. The programs of IDEAS help children, youth and young adults learn to live full lives, find acceptance and gain confidence.

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