New Survey Results Surveyed Crohn’s Patients Prefer

Majority of Surveyed Crohn’s Patients Prefer a Monitoring Method That Does Not Involve Sedation or Radiation

Given Imaging Ltd. a world leader in GI , and maker of PillCam® , today announced the results of Crohn’s Voices, an online survey of Crohn’s patients about their understanding of their condition, their approach to managing their condition with their physician, and what matters most to them in a of disease activity.

Key findings from the Crohn’s Voices survey show that 75% of patients consider the most important test-related aspect for Crohn’s repeat to be for physicians to be able to have a better view of their GI tract. They also shared that they have a significant amount of concern about the use of monitoring methods that include sedation and radiation. The survey also showed that only 19% of patients undergo a regular evaluation of their clinical status, regardless of their Crohn’s symptoms.

“The Crohn’s Voices survey provides useful insights on Crohn’s patients’ understanding of their condition, and about the need for meaningful conversations between patients and doctors about the value of regular monitoring of their disease activity,” said , MD, Goryeb Children’s Hospital, Morristown, . Physicians and patients also need to discuss what the options for direct visualization of their GI tract are, as the surveyed patients indicate a concern about the risks of sedation and radiation.

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New Survey Results Show That the Majority of Surveyed Crohn’s Patients Prefer
Crohn’s disease is a chronic and progressive form of that can affect any area of the GI tract, with life long consequences. In 75% of Crohn’s cases, patients have lesions in the (1). However, the has and more »

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