IBD An Option That Shouldn’t be Overlooked

IBD An Option

, If you cringe at the thought of using a rectal therapy in your IBD treatment plan, you’re not alone. Most people consider them to be strange and icky, uncomfortable and unfamiliar and in many cases just plain embarrassing. But as much as we may despise the idea of using a suppository or enema, rectal therapies do have an important place in IBD, and it’s time to get educated.

Oral vs. Rectal

If you’ve been prescribed medication to treat IBD, you’re likely taking medications, such as a 5-ASA, Pentasa or Salofalk and/or a steroid. While these therapies come in different forms – tablets, suppositories and enemas – most patients will opt for a systemic, oral therapy over the rectal type.

We’d rather pop something into our mouth than insert something into our rectum; oral tablets are quick, easy and mess-free, while suppositories and enemas tend to be more time-consuming, messier and all around more embarrassing. It makes sense!

But sometimes simple and tidy isn’t most effective. And the majority of physicians will agree that when it comes to treating IBD when the inflammation is in the colon ulcerative colitis in particular rectal therapy is the way to go literally and figuratively speaking. Consider the following:

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