Exercise Can Alter Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

., According to a new study, participating in can lessen or worsen the symptoms of , which includes ulcerative colitis. The result, however, depends on the circumstances in which the exercise is undertaken.

Researchers have found that mice who are allowed to run freely on an for six weeks had fewer symptoms of colitis after being exposed to a chemical agent that induces colitis symptoms.

However, mice that were forced to run at a on a just a few times per week for six weeks had more colitis symptoms. They also had a higher after exposure to the agent than sedentary mice.

“We are building a strong case to investigate how exercise affects gut in humans and why exercise may beneficially affect disease activity in , as a few preliminary studies have indicated,” said graduate student Marc Cook. “Our exciting new data give us some potential causes of these benefits that need to be tested in people, which are our ultimate goal.”

Exercise Can Alter Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

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