, CALGARY- A research study investigating a disease that affects 200,000 Canadians has gotten some major backing.

A private foundation in the United States has donated $6 million to the Canadian-led study, while Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada is kicking in $4 million.

The investment will go towards the Gem Project, which is looking into genetic, environmental and microbial factors that cause Chrohn’s disease, which is a gastrointestinal disorder that currently has no cure.

Researchers say the money will help them recruit more participants, including family members of sufferers.

“The money that we’re going to see is really an infusion to push us to get to that five thousand number, and to follow those individuals long enough in time,” explains Dr. Gil Kaplan. “Some of them will develop Crohn’s disease, and we’ll start to do the core studies that we planned out to.”

The study started in 2007.

Crohn’s study gets major funding boost

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