Crohns Disease takes center stage in CIFF

Crohns Disease takes center stage in CIFF

CLEVELAND, OH  For 26-year-old Dana Marshall-Berstein, living with Crohn’s Disease has been a private struggle.

But now that battle is the center of a film featured this week at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

“Semicolon: The Adventures of Ostomy Girl” documents Dana’s journey from her home in Las Vegas to the Cleveland Clinic where she is being treated for the chronic .

Dana Marshall-Berstein was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was four.

“For me, I get an overall yucky feeling, really bad stomach aches, and it’s horrible in the sense that it’s so isolating,” said Marshall-Bernstein.

“The problem with having something called inflammatory bowel disease, is the word bowel because people don’t want to talk about that,” Marshall-Berstein explains in a short clip of the film.

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