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Abbott Laboratories | About Abbott Health Care Company ConvaTec provides high quality products and product-related services for ostomy care and advanced wound care
is a global, broad-based devoted to discovering , new technologies and new ways to manage health. Abbott’s products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products and through medical devices and . Abbott’s comprehensive line of products encircles life itself – addressing important health needs from infancy to the golden years.Among many other things, Abbott Laboratories is committed to discovering and developing new medicines for , including Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis and , , uveitis and hidradenitis suppurativa at the world-class Centre in Worcester, Massachusetts. ConvaTec is a leading developer and marketer of innovative medical technologies that have helped improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. With four key business divisions – Ostomy Care, Wound Therapeutics, Continence and Critical Care, and support health care professionals from the hospital to the community health setting.ConvaTec is dedicated to helping people living with an ostomy reach their full potential with groundbreaking and clinically proven medical technologies. With over three decades as a leading innovator in ostomy solutions, and services have helped to raise the standard of care. Our open collaboration with our customers furthers scientific advancements, and expands our product portfolio, so that people living with an ostomy can experience dignified lives with security and comfort. For more information, please

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