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Convatec Stoma Paste Ultimate Guide

Convatec Stoma Paste Ultimate Guide

Ostomy individuals these days have an overabundance of choices thanks to the remarkable technology plus the amazing minds of folks that had the ability to create a handy and efficient ostomy products. Such as the soothing Convatec stomas paste. Stoma paste is among the countless products that an ostomy individual requires. We now have the […]

Ostomy General Information

Ostomy General Information What Is An Ostomy? (GLO-UOAA) This section covers terminology in two primary areas: types of ostomies and continent procedures, and types of pouching systems with the major accessories and supplies. Ileostomy, Colostomy, and Ileoanal Reservoir Surgery (NIDDK) Colostomy Colostomy (Mount Sinai Hospital) Colostomy Fact Sheet (United Ostomy Association Inc) Colostomy Guide (PDF file from United Ostomy Association […]

Ostomy Nutrition Guide

Diet and Nutrition Guide (PDF from United Ostomy Association Inc) This guide provides some basic information about the effects ostomy surgery has on digestion and food absorption. Foods (Mount Sinai Hospital Canada) The majority of foods impacting individuals with IBD have the same impacts on those with either an ileostomy or colostomy. There are some foods that […]

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