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Membership to IDEAS Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society Memberships are $10. Membership in the society gets you: An opportunity to meet great people and participate in great events A tax receipt A vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society Phone: (778) 300-5203 PDF Documents to:[email protected] Mail: 3885 203A Langley BC […]

IDEAS Google Groups

Google Groups are a free, online tool you can use to connect to people around the world. IDEAS uses Google Groups to connect patients to each other, as well as to communicate information about IDEAS news and events. IDEAS’ Google Groups are private, which means that your information and involvement is kept secure, so you […]


If you would like to volunteer for IDEAS, please email us for more details. We’re always looking for volunteers with special skills and people to help out at events! Tags: Volunteers



IDEAS aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigmatization of intestinal disease, as well as providing support and resources to patients and their loved ones. Children and Youth Through the School Talks program, generously funded by BC Gaming, IDEAS sends speakers to elementary and high schools across British Columbia. Rob Hill speaks candidly about his […]

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors   2010/11 President: John Lam/Acting 2010/11 Treasurer: Cheryl Hill 2010/11 Secretary: Paula Anderson 2010/11 Vice President: John Lam Elke Tigner Francine Small Ketan Shaw Marianne Hicks Michael Arab Andrea Manson Dr. Kevan Jacobsen Norm Hill Darren Clever John O’Shaughnessy Kate MacDonald Tags: Board of Directors

Our Mission

Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society raises awareness of intestinal diseases through education and public awareness campaigns

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To contact IDEAS with general questions or comments, please use the following contact information. Email: info @ Phone: 604.315.3371 Mail: 3885 203A Street Langley BC V3A 1W6 Join us on Facebook! If you have found a problem with the website, please email admin @ Tags: Contact IDEAS

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