Case Study: Understanding Your ConvaTec Ostomy Pouch

ConvaTech Ostomy Pouch

There is no need to discuss here what a ConvaTec ostomy pouch is or what is ostomy. If you have it or about to be undergoing surgery for it, then I am sure your trusted doctor has already explained to you what this is about and why you need it. The most important thing to know at this point is how you are to take care of it and what to expect when you are to change it on your own. This is mostly the worry for those who have just undergone for ostomy or for those who are about to have it. Don’t worry too much now. Here are important pieces of information that will be beneficial to you and your family members as well.ConvaTech Ostomy Pouch

Have your supplies ready before starting. These are the things you need:

– A new pouch

– Scissors

– A pouch clip

– Stoma powder

– Clean towels or paper towels

– Stoma paste, sometimes it is a ring seal

– Skin wipes for wounds or stoma

– A measuring card

– A Pen

You can order your supplies for your stoma from , there are a lot of them you can find online and can deliver products right at your doorstep. Doing this for the first time maybe uncomfortable for you so it is best to get a nurse who can teach you the whole process or guide you through it, at least once, then you can do it on your own later on.

The bathroom is the best place to change your stoma pouch. Be sure, however, that the bathroom surrounding is clean and sanitary for this process. As your stoma is an , you have to take all necessary precautions to prevent any infection. Once you have all the supplies that you need, follow these instructions:

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Again, it needs to be washed thoroughly. Be sure to wash under your fingernails and between your fingers. Dry your hands with a clean towel or paper towels.

2. If you are using a 2-piece stoma pouch, gently press the skin around the stoma using one hand. Using the other hand, remove the seal.

3. Remove the pouch and keep the clip.

4. Place the old pouch in a bag before putting it in the trash.

5. Using warm water, soap and clean washcloth, clean the skin around the stoma. Dry with clean towels.

6. There might be some bleeding, a little is normal. Check your skin for any discoloration. The normal skin tone is either red or pink. If your skin color is whether black, blue or purple then call your doctor and have it checked.

7. Using the special skin wipes for stoma, wipe it clean around your skin. For any wetness, put some stoma powder on just the wet part.

8. Using again your special wipe, lightly pat on top of the powder and on your skin.

9. Let it air dry around 1 to 2 minutes.

10. Measure the size of your stoma using the special measuring card be careful not to touch the card to your skin.

11. If you are using a 2-piece pouch, trace the size of the circle to the back of your ring seal then cut out the size. Make sure that the cut edges are smooth.

12. Attach the ostomy pouch onto the ring seal.

13. Peel or remove the paper off the seal.

14. Put some stoma paste around the hole in the ring seal, or place the stoma ring on the opening. Make sure that the seal is evenly placed around the stoma. Hold it in place for a few minutes. You can also try holding a warm cloth over the seal. This will help to make it stick onto your skin.

15. If needed, put some cotton or special gel packs in the pouch to prevent leaks.

16. Attach the ostomy pouch clip.

17. Wash hands with warm soap and water.

Another important thing to know is the type of abnormalities in your stoma that needs immediate doctor assistance. Call your doctor if:

– your skin color is either black, blue or purple instead of pink or red

– there is a lot of bleeding

– you smell foul odor

– you find puss during draining

– the skin around the stoma is bulging

– there is blood on your stool

– you have fever and chills

– you feel sick to your stomach and constantly vomits

– you feel pain on your belly or if you feel bloated and swollen

– you don’t have stool or gas for at least 4 hours

– there is a significant increase in the amount of stool collected in your pouch

Do not be overwhelmed by the amount of information you have found here. Again, things like these gets better through practice. May it be a ostomy pouch or other brands, the basic steps are the same.

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