Ideas Board of Directors

IDEAS aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigmatization of intestinal disease, as well as providing support and resources to patients and their loved ones.

Children and Youth

Through the School Talks program, generously funded by BC Gaming, IDEAS sends speakers to elementary and high schools across . Rob Hill speaks candidly about his experiences with , his active lifestyle, and much more. Rob is well-received by children and youth of all ages.

IDEAS also monitors two , one for children and one for teens. Run through , IDEAS provides these free, secure venues for young people to connect to each other and find support.

In a joint venture with the , IDEAS provides to children and youth with intestinal disease. Camp is a great opportunity where these young people can focus on fostering confidence and independence while having a ton of fun!

In 2009, IDEAS sent one youth to the Counselor in Training program at in Kananaskis, Alberta. The CIT program is a tree week training opportunity to develop leadership and life skills for exceptional youths living with or disabilities.

Adults and Families

Through the IDEAS website, adults can gain access to a wealth of resources related to intestinal disease. Whether seeking support, a new doctor, or information about their local , adults will find information, links and contacts to meet their needs.

IDEAS maintains a third Google Group just for parents of children with intestinal disease. Parenting a child with one of these illnesses can present unique challenges, and this forum allows parents to share their experiences, pool resources, and find support.

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