Ben Morrison Crohn’s Disease Center Stage

Ben Morrison

Ben Morrison Crohn’s Disease Center Stage, Mediaplanet: What were the signs that lead to your diagnosis?
Ben Morrison: While the diagnosis for Crohn’s is typically a long and grueling process mine was pretty much overnight. As initial symptoms can resemble severe, constant indigestion there is a host of afflictions that need be ruled out before the diagnosis can be made.

Not so for me. My Crohn’s drop-kicked its way into a nice little corner of my intestine called the ileum, the last foot before the small intestine empties into the colon.

The inflammation was so sudden and severe that barring appendicitis or some sort of occult curse the constant stabbing pain in my lower-left stomach had to be the dreaded Crohn. That and I simply couldn’t #2, a symptom that caused me to resemble the “Hulk” when struggling to push something through. It was very unpleasant.

I am beyond honored to be on the cover of USA Today’s Digestive Wellness issue, available all this weekend on newsstands nationwide. The article is a very intimate interview about my work alleviating the pain of Crohn’s disease with laughter and few good bathroom jokes. One of the most proud accomplishments of my whittle career

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