Being Diagnosed With Crohns Disease

Being Diagnosed With Crohns Disease

Being Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease, While I look healthy, I have been living with Crohn’s Disease for seven years. Crohn’s is a chronic that can affect any part of the GI tract. The causes of Crohn’s Disease are still unknown, though research suggests genetic factors contribute to the development of Crohn’s. Symptoms usually appear in people between the ages of 15 and 35. It is a difficult disease to explain because no person experiences symptoms exactly the same. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease, which means that every patient of Crohn’s strives for remission. A combination of medical treatments and behaviors can help to successfully manage symptoms.

I first became ill at the age of 19 when I was a freshman at Gettysburg College. After only two months of living in the freshman dorms, I had to spend a week in the hospital. Since there is no one specific test for Crohn’s Disease, I left the hospital without an explanation. When I returned to campus, my peers gossiped about my rapid weight loss. At the time, I took medications that altered my sense of taste and ate the plainest meals available at the campus cafeteria. I could not drink alcohol in an environment that revolved around Greek life. It took two stressful months and multiple exams before I was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. It was unbelievably depressing to learn that I had developed an incurable disease.

Currently, I take four pills per day to maintain a semi-normal life. The size of my daily pills usually shock my friends. Luckily, I have avoided more serious medications such as Humira, an injectable drug. Crohn’s Disease does affect my life daily but I generally have my symptoms under control.

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