40 Days at Base Camp Film Robert Hill Featured

40 Days at Base Camp Film Robert Hill Featured

40 Days at Film Featured

In that ascent, Hill became the first person with Crohn’s disease to reach the peaks of the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents in his quest to raise awareness of intestinal disease through his non-profit group, Intestinal and Awareness Society, or .

While he has lived all over British Columbia, he now calls Nanaimo home with his wife and newborn son.
“It was just a struggle,” said Hill, who lost his and colon to Crohn’s, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. “There is very little air up there, obviously, and it’s tough to move and tough to breathe. “When you do take moments, it feels like the most spectacular place in the world. Nothing’s underneath you. You’re looking down on the Earth.

“It feels pretty incredible.”

Robert Hill’s role in the film came about by happenstance. He was making his second shot at Everest after a failed attempt two years prior when he experienced a stricture in his intestines, and the were at base camp looking for footage “up high.” They found Robert Hill, and their interest was piqued by his extraordinary story and altruistic motivations.40 Days at Base Camp Film Robert Hill Featured A Nanaimo man who summited two years ago now features prominently in a new documentary currently being screened across , the final peg in his bid.
, 41, is portrayed in selfshot video footage on the “brutal” trek up the world’s highest mountain in 40 Days in Base Camp.

The documentary centres itself on his story and those of two others – the youngest Indian man to ever climb the mountain and Apa Sherpa, the record-holder for the most summits of Everest.

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