Wrestling Ulcerative Colitis Into Submission

Wrestling Into Submission, I spent twenty-three years trying to wrestle my into submission. The paleo diet finally helped me to conquer it.

When I was seven years old I was admitted into the hospital for a week with crippling stomach pains and other symptoms that I luckily have very little memory of. At age nine I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). My disease went away then, for a few years, only to come roaring back when I was14. After that, the years developed a pattern. My UC would get very bad at one point during the year, I mean so bad that I would lose up to twenty pounds and struggle to leave the house due to the diarrhea and exhaustion. I would spend months taking various medications to get it under control, I’d experience good health for a couple of months, and then the cycle would begin again.

I was sixteen when a doctor first tried to convince me to have my colon surgically removed. “It’s inevitable” he said. Or maybe he didn’t say exactly that, but that’s the impression I got. “Better to do it now, while you’re relatively healthy than when you have an emergency bowel perforation.” I was sixteen. I was in love with at least four of the boys in my high school. I was not willing to consider an adolescent dating life with a colostomy bag.

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I founded IDEAS Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society, from my home base in Vancouver, British Columbia. Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society IDEAS is established to raise public awareness of intestinal diseases in order to help remove the stigmas associated with these illnesses. The programs of IDEAS help children, youth and young adults learn to live full lives, find acceptance and gain confidence.

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