More than 1.4 million Americans suffer from a .

There is no known cause or cure for Crohn’s disease or .

One Platteville family knows first-hand the effects of these diseases and is taking steps to find a cure.
Ashley Snyder was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis while a student at Platteville High School.

I had been having ‘bathroom issues for some time, she said. It took doctors a while to come up with a . It started to eat away at my life until all I could do was deal with my illness.

, including , helped some but the disease progressed to the point where Snyder had to have her entire colon removed at the UW Hospital in July 2010.

After that, I missed the next 2½ years of university, recovering. I was finally able to attend school part time this semester,” says Snyder, a Media Studies major at UW–Platteville. “It took a lot to get back to being able to function in daily life again. I’m so excited to have been able to do just a few classes this past semester.

Taking Steps To Fight Crohn’s Disease

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