Our Mission

Our Mission

The raises awareness of through education and . IDEAS provides quality of life enhancing programs for children and afflicted with intestinal diseases and their families. IDEAS conducts on behalf of all people living with intestinal diseases.

3885 203A Langley BC V3A 1W6 CANADA
Our Vision

A society free of attached to intestinal diseases.

Our Principles

PrincipleHow we will achieve them
Create opportunities for kids with intestinal disease to just be kidsIDEAS coordinates year round, inclusive day camp opportunities in communities that have for kids aged 4-18; IDEAS supports kids to take part in opportunities with the and CCFC
Teach kids about intestinal diseaseIDEAS conducts school talks in classrooms wherever possible
Promote openness of informationIDEAS has the most complete and up-to-date Internet resource for people seeking information and support related to intestinal disease
Work togetherIDEAS works with other organizations and healthcare professionals to find common opportunities and share best practices
Advocate for inclusive communitiesIDEAS encourages communities to remove barriers for people with ID
Promote a positive outlookIDEAS education and awareness campaigns promote a positive outlook to living with intestinal disease
Create leadership opportunitiesIDEAS embraces volunteers and provides them with true opportunities to lead changes associated with intestinal disease
Seek equalityIDEAS works to ensure that all people with intestinal diseases and receive fair and equal care, and support for their medical needs
Promote healthIDEAS education and awareness campaigns focus on healthy activities and lifestyle promotion
Listen to our stakeholdersIDEAS works on issues that our stakeholders say are important to them
Provide value for moneyIDEAS reports its finances with transparency; donors see how their support translates to making a difference in the lives of children and young adults suffering from intestinal disease, and their families
Celebrate diversityIDEAS encourages everyone to contribute in an environment that recognizes the personal worth and dignity of each individual
Recognize contributionsIDEAS recognizes the achievements of volunteers and staff; IDEAS recognizes financial considerations from corporations, organizations and individuals

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